Saturday, April 30, 2011


After Nella's Easter-contests on Kladblog/ger, she sent me this picture.
The note said that this little ink-fish was swimming to my house.
But we don't have a lot of water where I live, so it took a lot of days, but than
I thought I saw something in our swimmingpool....

And yes, with the stream there was a little boat with the ink-fish in it.
She got tired of swimming and hired a boat. :-)

And there she is, relaxing in the sun after the long journey.
her name is Pearl.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What's a lavendershop without lavender?
The last days I spent hours making lavender plants.


Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday, I took out my box with things
for the lavendershop.
I made little labels, filled baskets etc.
This is how the shops looks at this moment,
still a lot to do.
I like to have a doll looking out of the door.

Towels, bathsalt, bathpearls, badthoil,
bodylotion . The soap chain was a
present from my friend Hanny.

The pillow from Margriet, a kit with
al lavenderthings, 2 baskets with lavender.

I think I will make some lavenderplants next.


While I was in Prague, my friend Margriet sent me 3 lovely pillows.The 2 little ones with toadstools are for Spinnie's Room
(also I present she gave me).
Now Patrick and Spinnie
have their own pillow.

And a pillow for the lavendershop.
Thank you so much Margriet, I love the pillows.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Souvenirs from Prague

Last week we visited Prague, a beautiful city!
Ofcourse I brought home some mini souvenirs :-)

I like marionets and years ago I made them myself, so
when I saw all the shops where they sold marionets I had to
buy one. I had to search a few shops before I found this little devil.

Easterbunnies for the Easterroom.
A few things for the Cabinet of Curiocities.

And a few real kitsch things, to
make a little vignette.
The Astronomic clock is for Mistral's room.

Bats and another creepy animal
for Griezelsteyn.

Dragons, also for Griezelsteyn

Owl, for the owlery I want to make someday.

And a few other things:
hourglasses, a skull and a cobra for Griezelsteyn
Statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague for the Religious Shop
Panda for the pandavignette.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I had bought a 2 headed dragon for the bathroom in G2,
to make a shower with warm and cold water.
But later I skipped the bathroom, because I don't like
making one and now I used one of the dragonheads
for a waterbasin for the conservatory.

Unicorn horns

I hate working with polymer clay, that plastic feeling on my hands, brrr
But I have a box of Fimo clay and if there is no other way I can make
something I really want, I take it out; like yesterday when I made

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 new curio's

Mistral is very happy with 3 new bottles for his
Cabinet of Curiosities.
1. Ashes from a Phoenix nest
2. unicornhair
3. dragonblood

Sunday, April 3, 2011

More light

Yesterday, my husband worked on the other
lamps in Griezelsteyn. Now all the lamps
that I made are working.The Cabinet of Curiosities

Griezelda's room

The familyroom

The Hall
(Blogger thought it was better to rotate it...grrr)

Falcon's room
The Lemax lamps have yellow balls, but
they give a pale white light, perfect for a little wizards
who likes vampires a lot :-)

The livingroom, now with 3 working lights.

Griezelsteyn 2

Both Griezelsteynen, I really need to make
more lamps for G1.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New curio's and archive

Last week a mounted salamander with six legs arrived.

Today the shell of Triton.
(Blogger decided that the picture needed to be rotated again...)

Mistral brought me this book to archive all the curio's that arrive.
(I once got it as a present from my cleaning fairy)

So I wrote the curio's in the book and put a picture on the page.