Monday, April 18, 2011

Souvenirs from Prague

Last week we visited Prague, a beautiful city!
Ofcourse I brought home some mini souvenirs :-)

I like marionets and years ago I made them myself, so
when I saw all the shops where they sold marionets I had to
buy one. I had to search a few shops before I found this little devil.

Easterbunnies for the Easterroom.
A few things for the Cabinet of Curiocities.

And a few real kitsch things, to
make a little vignette.
The Astronomic clock is for Mistral's room.

Bats and another creepy animal
for Griezelsteyn.

Dragons, also for Griezelsteyn

Owl, for the owlery I want to make someday.

And a few other things:
hourglasses, a skull and a cobra for Griezelsteyn
Statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague for the Religious Shop
Panda for the pandavignette.

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Anastasia D said...

I can recommend you visit the Museum/ shop of Garnet ( Prague 1, Panska 6) it is one of the few places in Prague where you can be sure not to buy a piece of glass. Granat Turnov made jewelry in sterling silver and gold. I think it's good souvenirs from Czech.