Monday, August 15, 2011

Souvenirs from the Baltic Sea Tour

We are back from our trip around the Baltic Sea.
It was not long enough so we added the part with the red line :-)
I saw a lot of miniatures
but I only bought things I can use in projects.

For a vignette I bought something in every capital city.
From left to right: Warsaw - Vilnius - Riga - Tallinn - Helsinki and Stockholm.

I love trolls and I couldn't resist those.

This is not really a miniature, but I liked this blue fingerdoll from Riga
so much that I bought it.
It's hanging on my bulletin board.

In a toy store in Stockholm, I saw these Ogress for a very reduced price.
I thought that Mistral would like a mounted ogre :-), so I bought them.
The one on the left (2.5 cm) is now in the Cabinet.

All those things I bought for Griezelsteyn.

Beads to make orrery's and wings to make angels.

Miniatures for different projects.

And animals.
Panda's for my panda vignette.
Owls for the Owlery (it's on my list of projects I am going to make)
And two black cats for the Dutchess of Cats Hill

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Eliana said...

Nice purchases!