Monday, March 7, 2011


In the middle of my room I have an isle with 4 dollshouses.
This weekend we rearranged it and now both Griezelsteyns are standing next to eachother.

It was very clear there was not enough space in the Astronomy room,
so I took out all the furniture in G2, removed the 2 walls
and now the whole attic can be used as the Astronomy room.
Bigger room, bigger dome.

But where are Dragonda's bedroom and Griezelda's Room?
Dragonda's bedroom will be moved to the first floor, so all the bedrooms are on the same level.
For Griezelda's room there isn't any space left.
But...between Griezelsteyn 2 and the Dollshouse standing on the backside of the isle, was a little space just the size of a room.
So my husband build a kind of a cd-rack :-) and now I have Griezelsteyn Half (well it is 1/3, but half sounds better).Griezelda can have her room there and she can also have a flowershop.
And the third room? Well I have to think about that.

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