Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who is Who in Griezelsteyn

At this moment I am working a lot on Griezelsteyn number 2 or as I call it G2. First I made Griezelsteyn 1, but I had a lot more ideas, so my husband build me G2.
In the coming weeks I will show new creations and things I already made, but before I do that it is nice to know who is who, so I start with introducing the family.

First we have the wizard Mistral van Griezelsteyn van Lyptha.
He likes astronomy and has an astronomy room with all kind of instruments.
Not present in the house, because I have not find a doll I like.

His wife Griezelda.
She loves flowers and plants, but not the normal plants you can buy at the local floristshop.
also not present, because I have not find her either.

This is Foeksia, she is the teenage daughter and very fond of green dragons.
Her friend Willow is staying with her for a few days.


Falcon is a few years younger than Foeksia.
He is very into bats and vampires and therefore he is not wearing wizard clothes, but his Dracula cape.

The youngest daughter is still a baby, her name is Fauve.

This is nephew Raven. His mother (an unmarried witch) died when a spell went terribly wrong
and was adopted by Mistral and Griezelda. He is only one month older than Fauve.

And than we have Dragonda.
She is the mother of Griezelda and she is looking after all the children while Mistral and Griezelda are somewere else.

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