Thursday, March 3, 2011

What rooms are there in Griezelsteyn

It all started with this house.
My friend Marleen gave me her Mulberry Lane,
because she was not able to work on it any more.
She already started with the kitchen,
but I removed it, because I planned to make a hourse for a witch family.
I also removed the front and replaced it by plexiglass.

On the ground floor we have the kitchen and the living room.
On the first floor the bedroom of Mistral and Griezelda
next to the bedroom of Foeksia.
And on the top floor the library, a workroom to make potions etc. and a room to
place all the things they don't need everyday.
It was so much fun working on this house, and I had a lot more ideas, so my husband
build another house.
They stand back to back and I like to pretend that it is one house.
Now that I am working on Griezelsteyn 2 some things from G1 moved.

This is how G2 looks at this moment.
First you have the hall, next to the familyroom.
On the first floor is Fauve's babyroom, but after the adoption of Raven she shares it with him.
in the middle is Flacon's Room.
It was my plan to make a bathroom in the empty room, but as I don't like making bathrooms I pretend it is between G1 and G2 :-).
As Griezelda is so fond of plants I am thinking of making a room full of all kind of spooky plants, kind of a conservatory.
On the topfloor we have a guest-room for Dragonda, Mistrals Astronomy room and Griezelda's room.

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