Monday, March 28, 2011

Light in Griezelsteyn

My husband always does the electricity in my houses,
this weekend he worked on Griezelsteyn

The batlamp in the livingroom.

Foeksia and Willow don't have
to sit in the dark anymore.

And light in the workshop.
Only 3 lamps in Griezelsteyn 1...
I need to make a lot more.

In Griezelsteyn 2
there is light in the room of Fauve and Raven.

Dragonda is very lucky, she has
now 2 working lamps.

And in the astronomy-room, 3 planets
from the vertical orrery are working.

Griezelsteyn needs a lot more lamps, I better make
a to-do-list for it :-)

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